The Importance of Being Idle

Próximamente escribiré sobre un tema que me gusta mucho, mucho, muchísimo: Marca Personal. Como preámbulo, quisiera compartir aquí este post que escribí en mi blog de LinkedIn (sí, tengo blog en LinkedIn en donde sólo trato temas “serios”) con el cual me topé hoy de forma random, revisando las cosas que había escrito hace ya un tiempo :), y que está relacionado al concepto que quiero explicar luego… Ah, y está escrito en inglés porque Bobby de Alienación. Sorry.


Yes. This is the name of a song by Oasis.

I’m a big fan of that band and I truly believe that their songs and style have contributed to shape my personality and helped me define my music taste. But I’m not going to write about Oasis today.

I think for this post I should alter the name of the song a little bit. Today I’m going to write about the importance of staying true to ourselves in every part of our life’s road, so let me rewrite that then, this is called:

“The Importance of Being IDOL”

So, what do I mean by this?

Simple: from my (still short) almost-22-years of life experience I strongly believe, without any doubt, that the key for having a successful career and a happy life is choosing the path that better suits you, the one that you feel like choosing and not the one that someone tells you to choose. Once you define what it is, everything else will fall under its own weight, because when you do it, you will do it out of love and passion, and everything, EVERYTHING you do out of passion and love is right -unless of course you kill someone, that would not be good, this post doesn’t apply for Romeos and Juliets-, and you’ll do it extraordinarily. You will be Idol if you stay true and dedicate your life to the things you love and this is super important for succeeding in your career path.

A lot of young people (and some old too) that I know, make the mistake of choosing a career for its monetary benefits. Law, Business, Engineering, those are the common choices. Why? Because those are the “save” choices, those are the standards that, at least in my country, people believe are the only ones that are going to give you estability, a great salary and a fancy car. But at the end of the line, how does a fancy car help you to be happy? is it worth it to dedicate your life to something that doesn’t make you feel passion just because it gives you money? I don’t think so.

So let me finish this thought quoting a stanza of the Oasis’ song I’m telling you about:

But I Don´t Mind
As Long As There´s A Bed Beneath The Stars That Shine
I´ll Be Fine
If You Give Me A Minute
A Mans Got A Limit
You Can’t Get A Life If Your Hearts’ Not In It

I’ll keep the last part: You can’t get a life if your hearts’ not in it. And I’ll encourage you to always keep that in mind for making your life and career choices, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to go already, as long as you keep that in mind, it’ll lead you to the right places.



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